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1) As part of road improvements on Strandfontein Road, Fastfell was contracted by Burger & Wallace to undertake the transplanting ofseveral Canary Island date palms (Phoenix canariensis) into the newly established road reserve. The palms were harvested from the road reserve, further down Strandfontein Rd, where Fastfell used their TLB to excavate - correctly root pruning, so as to keep a suitably sized root ball, to ensure stability and of course another successful transplant. 2) Use of crane-truck for final straightening -adjustment of Phoenix palm. 3) The palms had to be planted onto raised ground, so as to match up with the newly filled ground level, which followed planting. Phoenix canariensis palms of this size way in excess of 18 tons and with their large root-ball, have significant downward bearing pressure, which further assists with stability of the palm. Fastfell’s TLB was used to build up suitable mounding around each palm base so as to provide additional stability and allow for a water catchment, while road works are underway. 4) While Fastfell’s crane trucks were used for transporting and final adjustment of these large palms, the actual placement into holes, while managed by Fastfell was facilitated by Shaw cranes. All rigging material i.e. soft slings supplied by Fastfell were used so as not to damage the palm trunks during planting.

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