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Transplanting of Camelia japonica in Bishopscourt

The owner of this Camilia japonica was doing extensive renovations and did not want to lose this beautiful tree. Fastfell came in and extracted the tree, placed it in an onsite nursery facility, returning it once site works were completed to be successful re planted. Camelia’s with their smaller roots systems and waxy cuticles on their leaves prove highly successful in transplanting. They are particularly valuable, due to their slow growth rate combined with the rarity of finding a supplier with “instant” specimens. These pictures show the trenching to a depth of +-1.2m and root pruning of the Camelia japonica, in order to facilitate extraction and storage. Once the soft sling is attached to the tree, it is tilted enough to allow securing of straps to support the root-ball, which in this instance came out in tact due to the clay loam soil conditions and a medium which was suitably moist prior to commencement. The well secured specimen, is then lifted onto the crane-truck and moved across the property to the nursery / storage location, where it is then planted into specially fabricated heavy duty plant bag. 4 people secure the corners of the bag while they sweep into position as the crane lowers the plant into the bag. While the bag is supported, additional staff incorporate a topsoil mix, added with organic fertilizers into the sides of the bag / in and around the roots – the mix is firmly compacted, by means of a rounded pole and spades, so as not to leave air pockets. On completion of the above the plant is flooded with water to further settle any air pockets and ensure reduced drought stress.

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