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Blue Route Shopping Center

Fastfell cc was appointed to salvage several Fan palms (Washingtonia robusta’s) and Ficus rubignosa’s from Blue Route Shopping Centre in Tokai, due to the upgrading of the centre. Safety of pedestrians in the area of works was seen to by the installation of mesh fencing panels around all the excavation / extraction locations, while orange beacons were set in place to assist with guiding pedestrian traffic and marking the area of works safe. Trenches were opened up by hand around the base of each tree. Due to the varying sizes of the trees the diameter of the trenches varied between +-1.8m and 2.4m. This is to maintain a larger root ball in order to support a larger tree canopy. The canopies of the Ficus trees were pruned and thinned out, for the purposes of shaping, while at the same time reducing transplant shock and also keeping them within the legal road transport - specifications. The trees were then transported to the holding nursery, where they were planted into a special growing medium and placed into extra-large tree bags. Fertilizers are added to the growing medium and the soil was firmly worked in around all the roots, followed by literally flooding each bag to further settle the soil and remove any air pockets, which could have been created. The trees will be maintained under nursery conditions for +- 12 to 24months, at which time they would be ready for relocation and transplanting into a suitable microclimate.

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